Release Notes

08 November 2023

Korean is newly added in the Langauge settings!
  • Korean has been added as a new language option on the website and in the Workspace. Now, you can set Korean as your default language environment.

11 October 2023

🎉 Ultimate updates on the STUDIO!
  • Shape Target is now supported! You can choose cylinder and box shapes as your targets in the updated Target Manager. Get creative with your AR experiences!
  • Mask Clipping is added for the enhanced settings. You can hide your object below or behind the target with the latest update.
📊 Analytics officially out of Beta
  • Analytics has transitioned from Beta to an official feature.
  • Explore the new Dashboard list and access performance reports for AR Viewer info by project.
✨ Improved details
  • Enhanced the Target Manager UI and usability.
  • You can set the View perspective between Horizontal and Vertical View under Image and QR Target Manager.
  • Register the physical size of the real target for improved tracking performance.
  • The target performance assessment level is now specified in five parts.
  • Improved visibility of the target performance preview feature.
  • Hemisphere Light is now supported by default with Directional Light when creating a project.
🔧 Fixed
  • Increased efficiency in Publish functionality.
  • Resolved Viewer loading delay issues.
  • Fixed delays in Color Picker usage.
  • Fixed errors in project file size calculations.
  • Fixed minor UI issues and bugs in STUDIO and Workspace.

13 September 2023

Launched a new server region in South Korea!
  • Updated Composer and Viewer APIs for each region.

30 August 2023

🫧 A brand new Inspiration page opened
  • Now you can find AR inspiration and adopt it for your own campaign in a snap.
🔧 Improved details in STUDIO and Workspace
  • Watermark settings tab renamed to 'Brand Symbol'.
  • Fixed the problem with scrolling within the Publish Settings tab.
  • Enhanced the resizing functionality of Composer's screen.
  • Fixed the problem of the Composer system menu activation not functioning properly.
  • Fixed the problem where the Access QR Code wasn't downloading in the Publish Settings.
  • Fixed the issue where the camera movement within the Viewport did not match the camera direction guide
  • Fixed minor UI issues and improved the user experience in STUDIO and Workspace.

19 July 2023

✨ Improved the UX in your Workspace
  • Searching for the locale and time zone under Account settings is now available.
  • Include a 'Country' option in Organization settings.
🔧 Enhanced stability and performance
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a duplicated object would randomly relocate other objects.
  • Fixed an issue where transforming an object property would unintentionally affect other objects.
  • Fixed an issue where the object would become unselectable if it was overlapped by the viewport navigation tool.
  • Fixed minor UI issues and improved the user experience.

05 July 2023

⛑️ Upgraded the Publish Settings
  • New Publish Settings added and the Publishing performance has been improved. Now customizing your URL, Site settings, and Viewer is available.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a specific object unintentionally removed other unrelated objects.

21 June 2023

🔧 Improved stability and performance
  • GUI components have been enhanced.
  • The usability of the object selection has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug where the targets' information was displayed inaccurately when viewing the published projects.

7 June 2023

Optimized lighting and enhanced performance
  • Improved the structure of the database.
  • Fixed a bug requiring double Undo when reverting to the previous state while coordinating objects using Input.
  • Improved some Light objects to be properly rendered in the Viewer.
  • Improved color consistency between Studio Composer and Viewer during rendering.
  • Fixed a bug where touch interaction malfunctioned when rotating the viewer into landscape mode.

24 May 2023

Improved stability and performance of the viewer
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a light object in a multi-scene affected the light objects in other scenes.
  • Improved the performance of Undo/Redo.
  • Added animation to the loading screen of the viewer.
  • Fixed an issue where the lighting effects were not displayed properly in the viewer.
  • Fixed a bug where the position and size of objects created were augmented differently in the viewer.
  • Resolved an issue where the viewer automatically restarted when the device was rotated. It will no longer refresh when the device is rotated.
  • Apple devices now support the viewer from iOS 15.4.
  • The stability and performance of the viewer's augmentation have been improved.

10 May 2023

🚅 Duplicated scenes for faster content creation
Now you can duplicate scenes in the project. Get the benefit of the scene duplicate feature to create your projects faster and more efficiently.

24 April 2023

👨‍👧‍👦 Manage shared projects at once
  • Forget about having to visit the Recent menu every time you want to view the projects you've shared. Now you can simply view them in the Shared Projects section within the Workspace. It's much easier to manage all of your shared projects this way.
  • Every individual, and group project you've shared can be viewed in this menu.
🗑 Updated the new Trash Manager
  • We've updated the Deleted menu to Trash Manager. We've also moved it from My Projects to the Workspace.
  • Here, you can view, restore, or permanently delete every project you've deleted.
📱 Improved the Mobile Viewer process
  • The UX/UI in STUDIO has been greatly improved. The targeting guide is now automatically hidden once it detects the target on the mobile viewer, and it pops up again when it loses tracking of the target. This makes it easier and more intuitive to use the augmented reality features without any extra effort or confusion.
  • The process for audio and video objects auto-play on iOS devices has been improved.

10 April 2023

🏃‍♂️ Experience smoother authoring
We've optimized our code for faster processing, enabling more efficient AR content authoring. Updated SQUARS STUDIO now supports files larger than 30MB and features improved publishing speed, providing users with an enhanced AR content creation experience.

27 March 2023

📁 Now we support .glb files

  • Now you can import the .glb file into STUDIO.
  • We recommend a file with a texture of 1k(1024x1204 px) for an optimized experience.
Improved AR experience in Mobile Preview & Viewer
  • The new HDRI has been updated on the Moblie Preview & Viewer for more immersive AR content and experience.
🔨 Fixed
  • Resolved an issue with the lighting location, which did not match the location you had set in STUDIO and on the Mobile Viewer.
  • Now the comment box is automatically focused when you select the corresponding comment on the right panel.
  • Made minor UX improvements and fixes.

13 March 2023

✨ New scene experience

SQUARS' new multi-scene feature enhances your content authoring to create more dynamic and immersive AR experiences, enabling the seamless creation of complex scenes.
  • You can access the multi-scene feature from the left panel.
  • To move between scenes, use the Event setting. Once you've set up your events, you can preview them in the Preview mode or on the Mobile Viewer. This enables you to check and ensure that your events are functioning correctly in each scene.
  • On the Desktop Preview, you can preview each scene's content even if you do not double check them on the Event field. This is possible through the scene list, which enables you to view the content of each scene.
  • When it comes to scene transitions on the Mobile Preview and Mobile Viewer, SQUARS supports transitions only triggered by Events, to ensure the most immersive experience for users.
Learn more about Scenes and Events & Interaction

🔨 Fixed

  • Consolidate the import features that are currently located separately on the left panel into a single, unified feature.
  • Upgraded color changes of texts when the @Mention occurs in the Comments mode.
  • The search feature has been optimized for better filtering results.
  • Minor UX improvements and fixes.

20 February 2023

💬 Mention members in the comments

You can mention a member when you create a new comment or edit an existing comment.
For more information, click here.

✉️ Email notification

When you write a comment, you can receive an email notification. The target of the comment notification is as follows:
  • Workspace members invited to my project
  • All members included in the group project
For more information, click here.

🔨 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue entering Comments mode.
  • Minor UX improvements and fixes.

13 February 2023

🤝 Sharing & Collaboration

We launched two new features for a better collaboration experience at SQUARS.
  1. 1.
    Invite a Workspace member: You can invite others (Workspace members only) to your project without sharing your project with the group.
  2. 2.
    Leave a comment: You can leave a comment on the object. Comments is an efficient collaboration tool for sharing feedback and ideas between creators in real-time.
For more information, click here.

🔨 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue to include a target in all projects as a required item.
  • Fixed an issue with image pixelation when the target size changed.
  • Minor UX improvements and fixes.

30 January 2023

🎁 Updated the SQUARS basic asset

With this update, the basic asset includes a more realistic texture. Use Asset to create a more realistic AR experience!
Go to STUDIO > Left Panel > SQUARS Asset to check the list.

16 January 2023

🔨 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with adjusting the opacity options of basic objects.
  • Fixed an issue with modal popups not working properly.
  • Minor UX improvements and fixes.

2 January 2023

Improved tracking performance

  • Improved Image tracking performance.
  • Improved QR Code tracking performance.
  • Several other bug fixes.

12 December 2022

☃️ Christmas objects in SQUARS Assets

Christmas objects have been added to the SQUARS basic asset. Each object contains an animation and can be used entirely or partially. Go to STUDIO > Left Panel > SQUARS Asset to check the list.
  • Christmas Package
  • Christmas Snowman
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Gift
  • Christmas Land
  • Christmas Snow Effect

5 December 2022

✨ Animation with 3D object

Now you can import objects with animations into your STUDIO. You can check the animation option by selecting an object. Check your object with the animation and add more events to create more interactive AR content.
For more information, click here.

⏯ Added multimedia to SQUARS STUDIO

Now you can import video and audio into STUDIO to add a richer experience to your AR content. You can also check the content you created at Preview or on the Mobile Viewer, depending on the events you set up.
We will continue to add more extensions support, but currently support only the following extensions:
  • Audio: mp3, wav, ogg
  • Video: mp4, avi
For more information, click here.

🔨 Fixed

  • You can move to the exact point of time you want, or initialize it as well through the Viewport Gizmo.
  • Ambient light and Hemisphere light are newly added.
  • Now you can arbitrarily name and manage the object without concerning its type.
  • When you move from the Workspace to the STUDIO, your project keeps working on the old browser, not opening the new one.

19 October 2022

🎁 SQUARS 1.0.0

Our first general public release!
  • SQUARS is a web-based AR content creation tool that does not require any app. (Chrome browser recommended)
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.