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Import Object

Objects are resources that you can use to create AR content in your scene. You can use basic assets provided by SQUARS or import files from your computer.
The types of objects you can use are as follows:

How to import an Object?

You can upload an object from the system menu in the upper left, or from the left panel itself.

Preview an object with the Play option

You can play any audio, video, and 3D object including animation on the Viewport.
Each Object can only be played on Viewport at a time, separately. But if you set the specific event on your own at the Preview or the Mobile Viewer, objects can be played at once at the same time. Optional playing is also available as well.
In general, the WebAR projects should be as light as possible to satisfy the users. Lower storage capacity decreases the time it takes to download and load device memory, and it also can improve the performance of their web browser.
The recommended storage capacity is less than 10MB, but it can be over the limit when the user needs more projects. However, when the project gets more than 50MB, it makes users hard to get optimized experiences. This is why SQUARS limits the capacity of individual objects users import.
The table below shows each object type and the maximum file size in the project.
Object type
File max size
3D Object
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