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Publish Settings

Publish menu

The Publish button in the upper right section of the STUDIO lets you set your publishing environment.
The image on the right shows the Publish menu in the Unpublished status, while the one on the left displays it in the published status.

Publish Settings

You can manage the settings for the access, site details, and viewer screen here. Select the list in the left navigation bar to scroll to the desired section.

Access Settings

Customize the project Viewer URL and the Access QR code.
  • Customize your domain address and share the published URL after saving.
  • You can place any image you want in the center of the Access QR Code.
  • Customize the color of the QR Code, whether you prefer it to be colored or black and white.

Permission for the Access Settings

Only the Project Owner can change the publish settings.
The available features for members who are not the project owner are:
  • Copying the Base Domain URL
  • Copying the Custom Domain URL
  • Downloading the Access QR Code Image

Site Settings

Customize the social image, project title, project descriptions, and favicon image for your Viewer, which will be displayed when the URL is shared.

Viewer Settings

Customize the splash screen and set the option for displaying the symbol image for your brand.
Splash Screen The Splash Screen is the user's initial experience before the viewer screen opens. Customize it by adding your or your client's brand image, and adjusting the background color.
Brand Symbol You can change the SQUARS watermark to the desired logo or symbol on your Viewer screen.
These customization options are included in certain pricing plans. To use the options, upgrade to the Standard or higher plan. If you'd like to change your plan, please contact us.
Any changes you make will immediately appear on the Viewer screen once you click Save. Please always be aware unsaved content will not be applied.